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Stress Management

Stress is an individual’s body’s response to an environmental condition/stimulus/change in such a way that it shows discomfort and a non-acceptability resulting into fight-or-flight situation, the height of which may cause depression. The training workshop focuses on instilling never-say-die spirit by producing love for the work profile, one is assigned and cohesiveness amongst all the team members.

Relationship Management

relationship management

peer pressure

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is the influence which a fellow friend or group, exerts as a pressure to change and behave in a particular way as per the group norms causing one to lose individuality and loss of self esteem/self confidence. The workshop enhances the capabilities in real time by providing the tools and techniques to keep the individual in high spirits, able to relate to others  as well as letting others feel the same.

Confidence Building

Confidence means an inner strength to take initiative or face adverse situations/challenges boldly with a positive and proactive approach and above all, it’s a learned skill rather than something an individual is born with or without. The training workshop focuses on recognising and changing the beliefs that hold you back and trust yourself to move forward with a high self esteem in exciting journey of life from where you are to where you want to be.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts are nothing but a differnce of opinions. What generally lacks is the presence of a shared vision and common organisational goals. The moment a good manager thinking rationally recreates the same, all get realigned again. The workshop has clear focus upon creating the skill of assertiveness to handle the adverse situations with a holistic approach of creating a mutual understanding amongst one and all.

HR management



High productivity refers to getting maximum done in minimum availabe time duration. The training workshop enhances the productivity of the individuals as well as that of the organisation leaving no space for stress due to incomplete work/tasks and completing all with proper planning, prioritising, organising, delegating, monitoring and improvising the tasks assigned within fixed frame of time.

Personal Grooming

personal grooming

goal setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is the planning process of defining the targets to be achieveed personally or professionally. The process  includes defining long term and short term goals using S.M.A.R.T. Technique. Goal setting paves the way for Mission and Vision statements.  It includes action plan, its analysis and improvisation. The training wokshop focuses on setting goals and creating systems to achieve the same in the best interest of the organisation.