10 Things you should know about conflict management

Conflict Management- Excerpts/Outcomes

1. Conflict is an opportunity.
Conflict is just a difference of opinion. Let it be Matbhed and not Manbhed.
2. Do transactional Analysis- Track Child Ego/Adult Ego/Parent Ego.
3. A person with High Character shall have least conflicts, So keep character high than outer personality.
Watch your thoughts for creating High Character.
4. At workplace, social orientation is as important as being Task Orientation. It’s utmost important to manage your profile in black and white as much as possible.
5. In Organizational Hierarchy, Watch Reporting Structure.
6. Over the period, luxury becomes need. And craving for more creates self-conflict if not able to achieve. As More has No End. Observe Desire V/s Deservation.
7. In partnership, it’s not 50-50, rather 100% ownership of one partner and 100% ownership of other shall keep the relationship conflict free.
8. Consider Community as your Support Structure.
Work on Mental Maturity through Meditation, Yoga and Reading.
9. Any Solution shall be Time, Place and Person Dependent.
10. Only Change is Constant.

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